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Healthcare Industry Protection Services
Hospitals, Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Centers, Nursing Home Facility and Continuing Care Facilities all require a security provider with strong industry experience to help them balance competing security and accessibility needs. Hospitals, like everyone else are being held to a higher standard for security and the price tag for failure is unthinkable. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. has the expert resources to manage and deliver healthcare protection Services.

Corporate Protection Services
Dreamland Security Services, Inc. has established itself as the source for corporate security services. With more than 30 million square feet of corporate facility space under our protection umbrella, we understand that our clients have an obligation to their shareholders, employees, tenants, vendors, and visitors to provide a safe and secure environment. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. does exactly that, allowing you to focus on your business. 

Financial Protection Services 
In dynamic business environments, our clients value Dreamland Security Services, Inc. as a security partner that offers a full range of security services to assist in effectively managing their risks. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. has the ability to assist clients with resolving their most complex and sensitive issues. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. advises consults, protects and guides Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, banking institutions, insurance investment firms and brokerages along with executives and high net worth individuals. Protecting productivity and return on investment is what we do. 

Educational Institutions Protection Services
Dreamland Security Services, Inc. is committed to meeting the unique security needs of learning institutions, educators and administrators. An educational institution’s security posture is a critical resource that supports education, research, administrative services, and campus life. Our security experts utilize best practices and emerging trends in educational institution security to assist our clients in providing an atmosphere that is both welcoming and secure. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. is an infinitely experienced, high performance security company that delivers excellence.

Residential Buildings
Feeling safe in one’s home is one of life’s most basic requirements. In an urban residential building, it takes considerably more than a lobby attendant and cameras to achieve that feeling. A building’s security staff plays an indispensable role in the building’s safety and emergency response system. Training is vital and the selection criteria for security officers working in residential properties must be exceptional. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. has 5 years of success providing security to prestigious residences.

Construction Site Protection Services 
Construction sites pose numerous challenges to security operations. Replete with tools and materials, they are often high value targets of thieves. Losses can easily affect resale prices. Life safety and visitor/worker control are additional security issues of concern at construction sites. These sites require well trained Security Personnel and Dreamland Security Services, Inc is excellence in providing security coverage at the construction site. 

Government Agency protection Services
Government facilities have unique needs along with populations of workers and visitors that may include dignitaries and other high profile personnel and assets. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. is dedicated to the safety and security of our government clients and their assets. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. security personnel can ensure that these populations and visitors can go about the work of government without disruptive or dangerous conditions interfering with their mission. 

Transportation Protection Services 
Airports, maritime, railroad and transportation hubs all have had improvement in their first line of defense since 9/11. However, without capable, trained security personnel to monitor fences, barriers and electronic security systems, no security program will succeed. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. provides security personnel for both fixed posts and patrols to insure passenger and visitor safety and compliance. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. has provided professional security personnel for every transportation modality and had broad experience in transportation center security operations.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Services
Dreamland Security Services, Inc. supplies security services to the following group of critical infrastructures: ports, structures, and energy, water, transportation, and communications systems. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. has the depth of experience and specialized knowledge to assist any critical infrastructure component with all hazards risk assessments and the planning and personnel necessary to prevent or protect against significant multi-hazard threats and incidents.

Hotels and Shelters Protection Services
Dreamland Security Services, Inc. understands the unique challenges of security in Hotels and Shelters. With 5 of millions of square feet of space under Dreamland Security Services, Inc. protection we have become the source for respected services by many of the top Hotels and Shelters in the New York City metro. Our attention to detail, training and customer service sets us apart from the rest in the property management security arena.

Retail Protection Services
From high performance mega pixel cameras to IP based video surveillance systems; retail security has changed. What has not changed is the need for a reliable security partner to provide the services necessary to take advantage of the vast array of electronic adjuncts used today in retail environments. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. mission is to work with major retailers to protect our retail client’s property against loss both from undesirable public elements and dishonest employees.

Public Places and Parking Garages Protection Security
Security in public venues, like sporting arenas, is a huge undertaking, one that is best shared with an experienced security provider. For the public, the excitement is on the field or on the stage; for security personnel and management it’s everywhere else. Entrances, perimeters, parking areas, vendor spaces… there’s a great deal to consider and gaps in planning can leave your venue vulnerable. Whether you need simple video surveillance or airtight event security, Dreamland Security Services, Inc. offers the planning and personnel that help keep all 

Our focus on helping customers develop security programs that meet their exact requirements, is what makes Dreamland Security Services, Inc. really stand out in the market. Dreamland Security Services, Inc. has the unique ability to help analyze, understand and manage the resolution of security issues across the entire security spectrum and the convergence of integrated services.