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Management Policy

The President’s Policy Statement

The following policy is the Dreamland Security Services, Inc. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.  This policy reflects the federal, state, and local laws that prohibit discrimination in employment.  Dreamland Security Services, Inc. has a strong commitment to preventing discrimination by ensuring that all our employees are aware of their rights and obligations under this policy, and in providing a work environment that respects and appreciates our differences.

As President and Chief executive Officer, I want to make clear to every manager, supervisor, and employee of our company that Dreamland Security Services, Inc.remains firmly committed to maintaining fair employment practices for all members of the service as well as job applicants.  It is incumbent upon every member of this company to make the same commitment to equality and to comply with the letter as well as the spirit of this policy.  Managers and supervisors are directed to make all employment decisions in accordance with the company’s EEO policy and to ensure compliance in their areas of responsibility.

The Policy provides that all employment decisions be made on the basis of equal opportunity and not on the basis of: age, alien age or citizenship status, color, creed, disability, gender including gender identity, marital status, partnership status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, military status or status as a victim of domestic violence, a sex offense(s) and/or stalking.  The company’s procedure to address issues and complaints of illegal discrimination is provided in the Human Resources Department.

I strongly urge all employees of the company to become familiar with the policies and procedures and to access the resources available within the company to address any concerns you may have.  No employee of the company should tolerate discriminatory treatment, harassment, or retaliatory acts based upon that employee’s reporting of practices that violate this policy.  The company’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy is one of our highest priorities and has my full support.

Marvis J. Erhunmwunse
President & Chief Executive Officer